What is a Subluxation Denier?

Dogma Over Data

A number of chiropractors representing the radical fringe of the chiropractic profession, are suggesting that the term vertebral subluxation and the concept be abandoned. They seem to think that subluxation-based chiropractic is based on the antiquated monocausal theory espoused by early chiropractors, or the limited model of intraforaminal nerve-root compression. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the literature knows this is not true. So, what gives? By bantering about terms such as integration and evidence-based practice, members of this fringe element have achieved a degree of success in hijacking some colleges and political organizations in an apparent attempt to pander to third-party payers and fit into the medical system.

We are reminded of an organization known as the Flat Earth Society, whose members stubbornly choose to ignore the overwhelming evidence contrary to their position and deny the spherical nature of the Earth. Ironically, they use Internet technology to propagate this belief. Apparently the Flat-Earth folks have no problem using orbiting communications satellites to spread the word. 

The subluxation deniers would fit in splendidly. 

Dogma over data.

Most of the time these people work in the insurance industry denying the payment of chiropractic claims involving vertebral subluxation or anything other than neck pain, back pain or headaches. They serve as expert witnesses testifying against chiropractors in malpractice and regulatory board actions. They sit on and in many cases control the regulatory and licensing functions in certain localities. They pepper the scientific and peer reviewed literature with dubious claims and statements denying even the existence of vertebral subluxation. And they work within the Chiropractic Cartel to lure naieve students and practitioners into their way of thinking. 

The purpose of this site is to expose these people for who and what they are and bring them from their dark corners out into the open where everyone can see the ridiculous nature of their claims.